KPMG Thames Clipper Sponsorship

KPMG, with the help of the London river service, Thames Clipper are turning the river blue and KABOOM have come along for the ride.

KPMG are rightly proud of their new sponsorship deal with Thames Clipper and were keen to communicate this to both their staff and clients in an exciting and innovative way. This is where the KABOOM team stepped in. Working with the KPMG internal communications team, it was agreed that a set of videos and postcards would successfully bring the branded boats to life.

The KABOOM team got to work and working with the iconic London skyline and the strength of the KPMG blue, we produced a design concept that would instantly wow! The design was then used to develop a video and print campaign distributed throughout the KPMG London offices.

Communication done. Now all you have to do is enjoy a ride down the river.