Creativity Unlocked

Creativity Unlocked

The Rocket Method.

Grab your idea killer whistles, business blocker sunnies, stress envelopes, idea stickers, bouncy balls and jump into your Rocket teams! Oh, and don’t forget your lollipops!

What’s all this all about then? Creativity Unlocked – that’s what!

The business case for creativity is now universally accepted. Ideas that make it to market result in innovation – Innovation results in growth. Simple.

So why do many organisations struggle to unlock creativity when we know how important it is?

It’s all about segregating the day-to-day analytical, critical feedback and fast decision making processes that we all exercise (Yep, even at KABOOM we do this!) away from our idea generation sessions. It isn’t rocket science…but it does need our Rocket Method to make it really work in the practical business environment.

You’ll need to make an emotional break-up with your flipchart, say goodbye to working in large groups, identify your stress inhibitors and be ready to lock your idea killer behaviours away for long periods of time. Only then can you enter one of our rockets…

As for the whistles, sunnies, envelopes, bouncy balls, stickers and lollipops – they’re just some of the tools from our Creativity Unlocked packs – helping you survive the idea generation journey. Is it fun too? Yep – why not find out for yourself?

“Thank you KABOOM for yesterday… it was super duper.. I even put it into practice this morning and we have come up with some cool ideas for our new lorry livery..”

- 3663, First for Foodservice