Proud to be on the 3663 lorries

Developing a bold new slogan for 3663

Developing a bold new slogan for 3663.

A good slogan is about catching the essence of the business in one high impact, captivating sentence.

The ultimate challenge for the new 3663 slogan was to make an internal impact to match the new business ethos as well as having a hard-hitting headliner to engage with the Business-To-Business-To-Consumer customer base.

As with everything at KABOOM – removing creative barriers is critical in order to generate a gazillion slogan options. It was always going to be an exhausting journey to find the right slogan – but boy, it was going to be fun too!

Many creative sessions later, constantly changing the brainstorming environment between coffee shops, funky private rooms at the Crazy Bear and bean-bag zones (with jelly beans) we started to find the new 3663 Tone-of-Voice. Much to the annoyance of the marketing executives – Idea killers were banished to the naughty step and the critical research phase identified that we were on the right track.

The answer…

truly tasty…together

Chosen from a thousand contenders. Why? Now that would be telling.